Project Inspire is a first-of-its-kind integrated, immersive, and comprehensive resort adjacent to Incheon International Airport. Creative lead in the conceptual design and overall narrative for the features in the project.


Incheon, South Korea

With WET Design


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Enter nature reimagined. Uncover a world where nature intertwines with innovation and imagination to create the unexpected, and the unbelievable becomes real. You’ll see familiar natural elements - from lush bamboo to gentle rain to billowing clouds to blooming flowers - but nothing here is ordinary. Here - born from the land, hill and sea - the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and what you discover is a new, magical nature. You’ll become an explorer of a constantly delightful and fantastical world that changes with the time of day and the season, tantalizing you to return and discover it’s many facets. You may even be tempted to exclaim, “What is it? I love it!” 


As you arrive at Inspire, an oasis of dense greenery immediately greets you. Peeking through the lushness, illuminated bamboo-like stalks lead the way.

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As you enter the building, you walk through a magical threshold. On either side of the entrance, water sheets inside tall glass walls in constant play with large bursts of fire. As if to kick-off your arrival at this world of fantasy, the dancing flames transform to a rich blue hue, turning the unbelievable into reality.

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Once inside, you are tempted to journey further by columns of twisting fog tornados. Here, you are invited to reach out and touch one of nature’s fiercest forces.

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Follow the river to the main Inspire atrium where you look up to discover flowers growing on the ceiling. Suddenly, as if the flowers have sprung to life, they start to breath open and closed and move up and down. As they blossom and unfurl, the petals release rain tinged with color in choreographed patterns. Look underneath your feet to discover jewel-like surfaces of water. Upon stepping on them, you discover that fire unexpectedly ignites underneath the glass.


Adventure outside to the lagoon and discover the apogee of your journey. You look out and see large feathers of water move freely though the lagoon like flocks of birds. They flap their wings in choreographed motion, creating patterns and exuberating water dances. The traveling water feathers are vibrant with rainbow-like color in the daytime and night. Thousands of twinkling lights start flickering in the lagoon while some lights fly up and though the air like stars retuning back to their celestial home in the night sky.